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BePro Listings

Responsive Ajax Directories (Real Estate, Classifieds, Business, etc) with (google maps, front end upload, search / filter, & more)

Can I make Money With this Plugin?

Yes, you can charge users points to post a listing

Does this work with posts and pages?

Yes, it works anywhere shortcodes are accepted

Do shortcodes and widets work together?

Yes, if they are on the page where a form submission is received, they will react to the submission. The easiest way to do this is with our [bl_all_in_one] shortcode

How can I customize the style and layout?

You should alter the /css/bepro_listings.css file as needed and there are several php templates. Ultimately, the templates are little more than wordpress hooks so its easy to create your own.

Can I add Markers to the Map?

Markers are generated by posts which match a search criteria. To have a marker on the map, you must have created a "BePro Listing". Marker icons can be changed with our BePro Listings Icons addon

What is the Map showing by default?

The latest X listings added to the system

How to make markers react on click instead of hover?

[generate_map pop_up=1]

Why is the map not reacting to the listings table page change?

[generate_map paging=1]

Issues Generating Lat/Lng coordinates?

Try changing the query type under map in the admin

Is there support?

Yes, our development team created the plugin and continue to offer free support via our support forums and paid support via our website beprosoftware.com. You can also get monthly support.

I need more features, is there more?

Yes, there are add-ons and themes available for this plugin. Check our website beprosoftware.com/shop

Can I operate multiple directory types at the same time?

Yes, you will need our origami addon and any niche addons that specify compatibility like our vehicles and Real Estate addons

Can this work with buddypress?

Since 1.2.0. Version 2.0.60 added integration with activity feeds

Do I have to use buddypress?

No. Since 2.1.17 we supply a standalone profile which can be implemented via shortcode

Does your user submission form implement custom profile fields?

No, but you can extend the fields via wordpress hooks and filters. We offer this as a service on our website

Are there ways to extend the plugin myself?

Yes, there are lots of wordpress hooks/filters and templates (listings/page)

Can I setup featured listings?

Yes, you can specify categories and flag the listings as featured via options for the [display_listings] shortcode. Consult the shortcode documentation.

Do I need to create templates for detail pages if i use ajax pages?

Yes, listing detail pages are generated whether you use them or not. This is a huge asset for seo reasons. There is a strong chance that users will first visit your website via one of those pages. Its within your interest to either a) use one of our $1 themes or b) create the necessary template files to integrate this plugin into your theme's layout

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-23
Downloads: 22,433


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4.2 out of 5 stars


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