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Manual Related Posts

Set related posts manually but easily with great ergonomics! Stop displaying auto/random related posts!

  1. Is there some filters? *Yes, "bawmrp_li_style" can be used to overwrite the custom style on LI for front end display in thumb mode *The filter "bawmrp_list_li" contains an array of all entries as LI tags. You can, for example, keep all-1 and add your Ad. *The filter "bawmrp_posts_content" contains all vars to create the list, you can hack it now. *The filter "bawmrp_more_content" contains the excerpt or content (if you choose to displays it) with a new line (BR tag) on front, you can hack this. *The filter "bawmrp_no_thumb" can be used to change the default "no thumb" picture to display in "thumb mode" *The filter "bawmrp_thumb_size" is an array containing thumb size, 100x100 is default. *The filter "hide_baw_about" (works in all my plugins) can be use to avoid the inclusion of my "about" file (displayed at bottom of settings page)

  2. Is the any actions? *Yes, "bawmrp_first_li" and "bawmrp_last_li" can be used to add Ads for example, triggered before and after LI tags.

  3. Is there any shortcode? *Yes, "bawmrp" and "manual_related_posts" are the same, you can do this in any php file : *echo do_shortcode( '[manual_related_posts]' ); or add directly in any post/page [manual_related_posts]

  4. How works the cache system? *Do i really have to answer this? Ok, like all other cache system, the first time you open a page, data are stored into a cache system (DB if you do not have a real cache plugin), and when the time (1 day by default) is over, a new cache replace the old one. *The cache is changed when you change the options or when you add a manual post. *If you want to test without cache, set "0" days.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5b2
Last Updated: 2012-12-11
Downloads: 18,763


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4.5 out of 5 stars


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