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Awesome Surveys

Create & publish feature-rich surveys with a few mouse clicks. All data collected remains in your control. Works better than healthcare.gov!


  1. New feature: conditionally edit survey authentication method
  2. New feature: edit the thank you method
  3. Added ability to redirect after survey submission (requires an addon)
  4. Attempts to provide meaningful feedback if survey fails to save
  5. Added uninstall.php
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Changed behaviour of the admin notice - can now be dismissed on a per-user basis
  8. Code cleanup of external library


  1. Fixed a bug where if two surveys were present on a page/post only the first one could be submitted
  2. Further improvments to error handling
  3. Further clean up of unneeded parts of the included PFBC package
  4. The survey form relies heavily on javascript. If javascript is not available, the form submit button is disabled
  5. Cleaner method of including js/css on admin pages implemented
  6. Added a filter for the admin panel tabs/content - This can now be extended
  7. Updated the jQuery validation plugin to stable release v1.13.0


  1. Editing of Survey Name, Questions and Options/Answers now available by clicking a link
  2. Surveys can now be deleted
  3. Option to not load included CSS has been added
  4. Removed heaps of unnecessary files from the included PFBC package
  5. Bug fix in call to wp_list_pluck (invalid argument supplied for foreach)


  1. Addresses the report of the "spinner" failing to go away in certain instances when the survey form is submitted
  2. Attempts to provide something resembling useful feedback if the survey submission AJAX request fails


  1. Bug fix on frontend output.
  2. Bug fix for bad 'maxlength' validation values on text boxes and textareas.
  3. This bug fix wouldn't have been possible without your bug reports. The users of this plugin ROCK!
  4. Even with the bugs, it worked better than healthcare.gov


  1. minor frontend styling changes


  1. Initial Public Release

Requires: 3.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-14
Downloads: 1,652


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3 out of 5 stars


11 of 13 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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