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Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Easy responsive video embeds via URL (like WordPress) or Shortcodes. Normal, Lazyload or Thumbnails that open a Colorbox - Your choice!

4.9.0 Beta

  • Improved: All Javascript is loaded from files now and they are only loaded when there are embeds on the page. This improves page load times on pages with no embeds.
  • Fix: Removed autohide=1 from default YouTube Parameters since it causes a YouTube bug in the HTML5 player.


  • Updated: Spanish translation now 80% complete. Thanks Xarkitu!
  • Improved: Do not load admin dialog when doing AJAX


  • Fix: Iframe code detection


  • Improvement: PHP required version lowered to 5.2.4


  • Fix: Save of custom URL parameters
  • New: CHANGES.md file for github updater


  • Fix: Fatal PHP Error on activation.
  • Fix: Readme spellings.


  • Fix: Minor options page spelling and field association fixes.
  • Fix: Added Lazyload to mode select in the shortcode dialog.
  • New: 4players.de support.
  • New: Added parameter input to the shortcode dialog.
  • Improved: Default options are no longer stored in the database.
  • Improved: Transparency fade animation on thumbnail hover.
  • Improved: No more ugly URL hash (#arve-load-video) after clicking links.
  • Improved: Dropped IE 8 support for Lazyload mode.
  • Improved: Lots of code improvements.


  • New: Added Iframe examples.
  • Improved: Limited support for self hosted Videos. Dialog will detect URLS that end up with .webm .mp4 .ogg creates a iframe embed code with them. This is probaly not the best way to do this but it works. Real HTML5 video tag embeds may come later.
  • Improved: Redesigned the button to look like WordPress and move it out of the Tiny MCE Editor. This enables you to embed videos in the code editor as well.
  • Improved: Redesigned the Shortcode Creator dialog. Less clutter, more compact and it now includes the recently introduced aspect_ratio.


  • New: As requested: aspect_ratio parameter
  • Fix: Vimeo playing problems in Firefox.


  • Fix: Play button not showing.


  • New: Vine support
  • New: Support for starttime from youtube URLs
  • Improved: Include play image inside CSS, -1 http request may speed things up
  • Improved: Tests


  • New: Trigger-able debug output.
  • Improved: The [arve_tests] shortcode now includes alignment and maxwidth tests
  • Fix: Thumbnail image now displayed when using lazyload with maxwidth parameter


  • Improved: Allowing maxwidth parameter in lazyload mode


  • Fix: Thumbnail not opening Colorbox

3.9.7 ALPHA!

  • New: I am proud to introduce the new 'lazyload' mode. ARVEs new default mode. Load Images only and load the Video only on click. Like Google+ without the title.
  • New: Added MPORA support
  • New: Added (real) thumbnail support for Collegehumor, Twitch, FunnyOrDie, MPORA
  • New: [arve_tests] shortcode that is used to test the plugin and provide examples.
  • New: [arve_supported] shortcode probably of no use for users. It will generate the a list of providers with supported features.
  • Improved: Enabled fake thumbnails for Comedycentral, Gametrailers and Spike
  • Improved: Remote API calls and handling their errors.
  • Improved: Get high resolution thumbnails from YouTube if available.
  • Improved: The evil admin message is now only shown once to users who can delete plugins (Admins and the like) and if the plugin was activated a week ago or longer.
  • Improved: Lots of smaller code improvements.


  • Fix: Register link in changelog.


  • New: Thanks to Ilya Grishkov thumbnail URLs for Vimeo, Blip and Dailymotion Playlists are now cached (by default 24hours) this drastically reduces page loading times for thumbnail embeds from these providers because it bypasses calling their APIs for that period.
  • Fix: Thumbnails for YouTube playlists.
  • Fix: Shortcode creator ID detection for iframes (src URL)
  • Fix: Updated Dailymoton docs link on Options page
  • Improved: Error messages are now all ready to be translated. Current Translation status: German 50%, French 50%, Spanish 84%. Register at nextgenthemes.com and then login to translate.nextgenthemes.com to help translate.


  • New: Twitch.tv support
  • New: Spanish Translation from Andrew Kurtis webhostinghub.com
  • Improved: Support for http://new.ted.com/... URLs
  • Improved: Some code improvements, among them IDs of hidden objects are now generated with a simple static counter instead of some random generated string.


  • Fix: Bug causing the Shortcode Creator not detecting shortcode tags when customized
  • Improved how embeds <object> embed codes are generated.
  • Updated FAQ
  • New: Xtube support (On request)


  • New: Custom parameters!
  • Fix: Youtube playlists now work correctly
  • Fix: Translations are working again (incomplete German and French)
  • Deprecated: start and end shortcode parametets should not be used anymore with youtube, instead use the new parameters feature like [youtube id=123456 parameters="start=60 end=120" ]


  • Fix: IE8 JavaScript errors
  • Improved: The evil message at the admin.

3.1.1 (github only)

  • Improved: Added px suffix to values on options page

3.1.0 (beta)

  • New: Development versions now available via Github Plugin Updater please install this to test cutting edge versions
  • New: Introducing 'Align Maximal Width' option
  • Fix: Invisible normal mode embeds with align
  • Fix: Yahoo detection
  • Fix: Kickstarter detection
  • Fix: Daylimoition Playlist
  • Fix: Colleghumor
  • Improved: Screenshots updated
  • Improved: Beginning process of provider based aspect ratios.
  • Improved: Dailymotion playlists/jukeboxes now show Native thumbnails
  • Improved: Iframe embed code detection with with single quoted src=''

3.0.4 (beta)

  • Javascript Fix

3.0.0 (beta)

  • New: Support for embedding via simply pasting of URLs into posts (need to be on their own line, no button or shortcodes needed)
  • New: Thumbnails are now responsive
  • New: Vevo support
  • New: TED Talks support
  • New: IGN support
  • New: Kickstarter support
  • Improved: request large thumbnail from vimeo instead of medium
  • Improved: 'youtubelist' shortcode deprecated YouTube playlists are now handled via the normal youtube shortcode with support for starting video
  • Improved: 'bliptv' shortcode deprecated on favor of 'blip' that uses the ids from blip.tv URLs instead of the ones from embed codes
  • Improved: Moved code to newest Plugin Boilerplate
  • Improved: Massive code improvements


  • Fix: Dropped mb_detect_encoding now using just preg_match to support rare php setups.


  • New: Added French Translation from Karel - neo7.fr


  • Fix: Permissions for the button, now authors who


  • Fix: Admin page capabilities
  • Improved: Reintroduced the manual provider and ID input to be used then not detected correctly.


  • Fix: Black bar issue. (Dropped IE6 hacks/workarounds)


  • Fix: Normal embeds not sizing correctly
  • New: Added scrolling="no" to Iframes
  • Improved: Init shortcodes at a late stage to dominate conflicts
  • Improved: Improved Iframe parameter handling
  • Improved: Metacafe, Myspace, Videojug are now handled via Iframe


  • Fix: Objects open correctly in Colorbox
  • Fix: Iframe autoplay parameters startign with '&'
  • New: Added screenshot for options page
  • Improved: Youtube Videos with now me embedded with the same protocol your website is on, meaning if your website is https youtube embeds will be in https as well.


  • Fix: Colorbox args script not having colorbox in depenency array
  • Fix: Maxwidth shortcode generotor field now has default value=""
  • Fix: Blip embed code detection


  • Improved: Move to a class structure with help of the great https://github.com/tommcfarlin/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate
  • Improved: Some smaller Improvements
  • New: Shortcode Dialog now has Autoplay option
  • New: Guessing of autoplay parameters for the Iframe shortcodes.
  • Hopefully fixed issues with other plugins and some themes, Javascript was messed up and is fine now.


  • Fix: Objects in Colorboxes, now always have width and height 100%
  • new shortcode attribute 'autoplay' for single videos
  • support for start at given time for vimeo


  • propper licence
  • Class renamed


  • fix for maxwidth wrapper no maxwidth option is set


  • Security and general code improvements
  • Added autoplay option


  • added Yahoo!
  • spike bugfix
  • small improvements to code
  • removed the fixed mode


  • added youtubes modestbranding mode
  • added missing veoh id detection
  • fixed vimeo id detection
  • added now custom thumbnail feature
  • fixed the align class creation
  • renamed the shortcode dialog
  • removed the text field for teh fixed width option (beginning of the removal process)


  • added new tinymce botton with dialog to detect ids from URL's and embed codes and automatically create shortcodes
  • removed the image resizer (Faster and more secure for servers), now uses just CSS. Polyfill for for IE to support 'background-size' included.
  • changed the play overlay image to a bigger one
  • added comedycentral, spike
  • removed google video, it died
  • lots of improvements and fixes


  • fixed gametrailers and collegehumor
  • fixed options handling for updateded options
  • added ustream support
  • renamed a function to prevent issues with other plugins


  • corrected readme errors, typos and added better description to shortcode options


  • lots of code improvements, now uses wordpress settings api, and propper sanitising


  • added flickr video, archive.org
  • inproved how flashvars were implemented


  • fixes


  • Options dialog overhaul
  • replaced Fancybox with Colorbox


  • Removed Services that went down over the years
  • Changed the way shortcodes were implemented from regexp to wordpress 'add shortcode' function


  • Started by improving the WordPress 'Video Embedder Plugin' but now complete new code

Requires: 3.3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-7
Downloads: 107,384


4 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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