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Address Geocoder

A simple WordPress plugin for saving location data with Posts and Pages. Conveniently converts addresses to lat/lng from the Edit screen.

  • Download the plugin;
  • Unzip and upload it to your /plugins directory;
  • Activate the plugin from the Dashboard;
  • You should now find a metabox labeled "Geocoder" on your Post and Page Edit screens. Enter an address in the address field (this can be an exact address or the name of a famous place — anything Google will understand);
  • Press the "Geocode Address" button;

The Lat/Lng field will populate with a lat/lng object and a map will appear in the preview box, with a marker on the location.

Access your data in the loop using the following functions, with the post ID passed as a parameter. For the full Google-style Lat/Lng, in brackets:

<?php echo get_geocode_latlng($post->ID); ?>

For the Lat only:

<?php echo get_geocode_lat($post->ID); ?>

For the Lng only:

<?php echo get_geocode_lng($post->ID); ?>

And for the Address:

<?php echo get_geocode_address($post->ID); ?>

That’s it!

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-3-22
Downloads: 1,928


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