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Subscribe Button by AddToAny

Help visitors subscribe to your blog using email or any feed reader, such as Feedly, My Yahoo!, AOL Reader, and many more feed services.


  • Remove cobwebs. Seriously, it's been a while.
  • Update descriptions in settings
  • Update code style



  • Major rewrite to support New Widgets API since WP 2.8
  • Work around WP core issue to use HTTPS/SSL for static content files, like the buttons and files in admin
  • Nonce validation for admin form
  • Switch more options to new API spec
  • Deprecate embedded object hiding option in favor of Menu API due to a new automatic workaround and a change in default value
    • If you need to have AddToAny hide objects (like Flash) to display the AddToAny menu, set a2a_config.hide_embeds = 1; in the Additional Options box
  • Fixes for debug mode notices
  • Planned support for multi-widget (different options per widget instance)
    • Not yet implemented
  • Spaces in "Add to Any" removed, now camel-case: "AddToAny"


  • SSL - HTTPS support
  • Fixed a potential semantic HTML validation issue when used as a WordPress widget


  • Important note: If you are using the AddToAny Share plugin, be sure to update that plugin to version 9.9.5+
  • Faster menu initialization
  • Switched to AddToAny's new API spec
  • Fixed localization
  • Also no longer outputs language strings if WordPress locale is set to "en" (or the default "en_US")
  • Updated AddToAny icon
  • French translation


  • Automatic support for over 50 languages
    • The drop-down menu automatically detects the visitor's set language and localizes accordingly
  • Less JavaScript output; removed redundant code
    • No longer outputs language strings if WordPress locale is set to the default "en_US"
  • Forward support for WordPress 2.9


  • French translation (by Whiler


  • Accept optional text with the small Subscribe button
    • Note: "Subscribe" text will appear by default for the small icon
  • Added admin action links
  • Updated readme
    • Installation
    • Changelog formatting


  • i18n folder renamed to languages due to a problem with the CodeStyling Localization plugin
  • Fixed textdomain
  • Basename cleanup
  • Support for WPMU auto-execution (thanks Aaron)


  • Fix for blogs without titles


  • Automatic localization/i18n


  • wp_footer() detection
  • Replaced short form of PHP's open tags with long form to work around configurations with shortopentag disabled



  • Highlight admin notices
  • Danish translation (by Georg)
  • FAQ


  • Important syntax fix


  • Additional options / JavaScript API clarification
  • i18n update


  • Widget title option
  • Text-only button stripslashes


  • Chinese translation updated


  • i18n
  • Chinese translation
  • Installation clarified


  • WordPress 2.7 admin styling
  • Settings link on Plugins page
  • Basename var


  • Less JavaScript redundancy from Additional Options (saves bandwidth)
  • Compressed PNGs added, select a button from settings to begin using PNG (saves bandwidth)


  • Additional Options in Admin panel provides link to JavaScript API
  • Option to have full addtoany.com legacy page open in a new window


  • Replaced short form of PHP's open tags with long form to work around configurations with short_open_tag disabled


  • Accomodates renamed plugin directory


  • Fixed a small syntax error (critcal if you're on .9.5.3)


  • Language & localization update


  • Event attributes removed (JS now takes care of button events)
    • This eliminates the chance of errors prior to JS fully loading


  • Fixed repo problem


  • Supports custom feeds using through template tag
  • Updated template tag to prevent PHP errors when deactivating plugin
  • For XHTML validation, special characters are converted to HTML entities within JavaScript variables
  • Reprioritized plugin to load later
  • Text-only button option


  • Internationalization
  • Buttons updated


  • Moved external JavaScript to bottom so that content is prioritized over HTTP requests to static.addtoany.com
    • Please note that some improperly-coded themes may prevent this from working. See the FAQ entry for "Why isn't the drop-down menu appearing?" if this is the case.
  • Added support to better conform to widget-ready themes
  • Fixed markup generation to support list containers and ensure W3C validation


  • Fixed bug in Internet Explorer 6 that caused custom buttons to have a height and width of 0
  • Removed the XHTML deprecated name attribute from the button's anchor


  • Fixed 1 line to support those without short_open_tag


  • New: Custom buttons (specify a URL)
  • Fix to permit XHTML Strict validation


  • New Menu Styler lets you customize the color of the menus
  • New Menu Option: "Only show the menu when the user clicks the Subscribe button"
  • New additional customization: Set custom JavaScript variables
  • Simplified config panel in Design > Widgets with link to More Settings...
  • New full settings panel in: Settings > Subscribe Buttons
  • Better support for CSS styling: .addtoany_share_save
  • PHP support for short_open_tag
  • PHP4 legacy and compatibility fixes

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-3-21
Downloads: 211,923


3 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars


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