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Conditional tag for Languages

  1. bluebird2


    With the increase of WordPress usage for multi-lingual websites I think there is a need for a conditional tag for different languages. This makes it easy to show an element in the pages in one language and hide it in others.
    It also makes it possible to do the same thing using Widget Logic plugin, which I think should be part of WordPress by default.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. Ellen Hopkins

    This is a great idea that would also help the reader.

    Posted: 7 months ago #
  3. bymiki


    +1 agree

    Posted: 4 months ago #
  4. thewviewer

    I didn't understand you fully.. what do you mean a tag?
    How do you differentiate German and Spanish?
    Will the tag get different values based on different languages?

    If that is your intention, I think its a good idea.

    Posted: 2 weeks ago #
  5. I'm actually didn't understand what you this tag will do, but I'm agree with this: Widget Logic plugin should be part of WordPress by default.

    Posted: 2 weeks ago #

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